12+ Free Lease Agreement Templates

When a landlord or property owner wants his or her property rent out to another person in exchange of rent, lease agreement template serves as a recommended legal document to record the deal in written. Lease agreement is a contract in which one party agrees to pay a specific amount of money as rent for stated property or building owned and managed by the property owner or landlord.

It legally gives right to occupy a rental property, building or premises for a set period of time usually for six months (in different states could be one year or more). Parties of this agreement are named as lessor and lessee. Lease agreements are commonly prepared and signed when it comes to rent out the property for long term. Majority of people understands lease agreement as rental agreement but there is different between both.

According to local laws..  In lease agreement the landlord or property owner cannot raise the rent amount or change the terms of the tenancy during the lease until the agreement expires. But if tenant agrees to make changes in the agreement then landlord can do. On another hand, in month to month rental agreement the landlord can terminate the agreement or can change the terms any time issuing a written notice to tenant. Use of word lease agreement template is recommended by legal experts to create error free lease agreements.

MS Word Lease Agreement Templates:

Renting your extra property is the best way to earn money in these days but remember to create a lease agreement for each lease deal or transaction. It ensures you to get paid by tenant on time each month. Hire a legal representative to get lease agreement prepared if you are running a real estate business or agency. Lease agreement can also be made at home or in office using Microsoft word lease agreement templates that you can get free from here. Download a suitable lease agreement form word and edit it as per your needs easily

Lease Agreement Templates PDF

An offer of property lease is successfully accepted by the tenant, now its time to document the deal in written and lease agreement template PDF will be an ideal option to do so.

Editable lease agreement pdf is just like easy to fill document that any party of the agreement can fill up with details and terms of the agreement by opening it in adobe reader. Below are some examples of lease agreement PDF and can be used for all types of lease ranging from residential to commercial.

Printable Lease Agreement Examples:

Nowadays, it is very easy to make a lease agreement on personal computer because printable lease agreement examples are accessible on internet free of cost.

One can find and print lease agreement form word according to individual lease requirements and needs. Whether you want to make a residential lease agreement or commercial lease agreement, you may find below listed lease agreement word formats useful to make the work easier and efficient.

How to Draft Lease Agreements (Videos)

After viewing all recently mentioned lease agreement formats, samples and templates you will surely be able to compose a perfect lease agreement.

But if you still need more knowledge and guidance in this regards then carefully watch below added videos related to lease agreements and make things clear. These videos are full with useful tips and tricks about making lease agreements and forms.

Lease agreement can also be known as tenancy agreement and if you are facing difficulties to write one personally, then view the following video and get step by step instructions to compose one with all required terms and details.

Guide To Fill Residential Lease Agreement Form

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