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Utilize a catering contract template in order to make a catering contract with your customer. A catering contract is an agreement or form signed between two parties i.e, a customer and a caterer in order to provide catering services such as food or drink supply, for a certain period of time or a specific event according to the terms and conditions settled between the parties. Catering companies are working on a large-scale all over the world such as schools, hospitals, entertainment venues, weddings, birthday parties and so on. Other than the food, this contract also includes the costs that the party arranging the event would agree to pay.

Catering contract template serves you when you are hiring a caterer to provide food and drinks for an event. Similarly, if you own a business of catering supplies and need a tool to make contracts on daily basis to present to your clients, catering contract template would help you to give your business a very professional glance. Usually, both parties work together to make the contract.  Many contracts are written by caterer and signed by customer. It includes all information about what food and drink would be served as well as the timing of the event and how long food and drinks would be available at the event.

The other functional details of this contract are type of event, venue, time, terms of contract, settlement of balance due, what to be served from drinks, appetizers to main course and desserts, duty  of the caterer, additional services, duties of the customer, arbitration, venue, assigns and heirs etc. Cancellation information is usually included.  The cost is decided usually per head. Many caterers charge a down payment along with information, indicating clearly that what amount is still owed and how long the customer has to pay the remaining balance. Below you will find some useful templates.

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