11 Silent Auction Sign-up Sheet Templates

Are you going to organize a silent auction in order to gain money! Use our free and printable silent auction sign-up sheets available at the end of this page. You probably have seen auctions held by auctioneers who calls out prices for items. But with silent auctions, it is something different.

It is a method which is used by various charity events organizers where people put their bids on silent auction bid sheet and there is need for announcement by the auctioneer. Such sheet has a great impact over people’s decision whether to place a bid or not. If you want to assure your fund raising procedure’s succession then you can organize your silent auctions by downloading and printing our silent auction sign-up sheet after necessary customization.

These templates are totally free of cost for our prospective users, plus, easy to use and save your time. Using such sheet, bidders can easily place in the bids for the items they want to purchase from auction.

Moreover, it generally consists of name of the organization and event, date and time of event, name and nature of items, description of the items, bidders’ name along with their bids and contact information, starting bid amount, minimum bid, winning bidder with amount of bid, fair market value of goods etc and so on.

Nevertheless, such auctions are named silent because it does not have an auctioneer in the fundraising procedure, and the bidders certainly do not have idea regarding the highest bid among all because of no auctioneer as they announce about the highest bid amount on closing of the auction.

Users who wish to create this document can make use of our free and editable silent auction sign-up sheets available below in numerous styles and formats.

Below Are Silent Auction Sign-up Sheet Templates

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