25+ Rate Card Templates ( Rate Sheet Templates )

I have researched and found out 25 different rate card templates or rate sheet templates and putting all of these in one place here for your easy download. You can find out its download link at this page with dark blue background.  We do hope that you will like these templates for you.

Layers of rate card template can be edited easily by opening it in recommended software to create rate cards for your own advertising agency or online marketing business. You can find free rate card templates / rate sheet templates deep down this post.

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Introduction to rate Card…

Rate card is a document showing details about price or cost that an individual advertiser or agency will charge a customer for a proposed marketing or advertisement services.

Nowadays, there are lots of ways to advertise a business, company or products in market and internet is considered as the best platform to get customers and clients for your products or services.

Advertising agencies and companies create attention-grabbing rate cards to let customers know that what would be charged for particular marketing efforts.

More about rate cards!

Rate sheet is another famous name of rate card that can be used for pricing of online marketing services or techniques.


A rate card may also indicate other details like advertising medium, time and length or space or advertisement etc along with price or cost.

Majority of companies and agencies also use beautifully designed rate cards as most effective tool to market their services in market. It could be a printed document, online advertisement distributed via social media or web banner on the official website of company.

You can create professional looking rate cards personally by means of rate card templates available in this article.

Use of rate card templates is recommended by expert designers to create modern graphic or web design rate cards on personal computer but initial guide is also essential to complete the job efficiently.

Printable rate card Samples

Whether you are working in a big advertising agency or simply trying to sell ads on your own website or blog, availability of detailed rate card will work fine for you to let potential clients or customers know the cost or price of ads or marketing services providing you are.

It will show your professionalism and competency in the market as well as among competitors. Some examples of printable rate cards are added below for you and you can download free of charge.

Rate Card Templates Free

Professional looking rate card officially shows your customers that what you will charge them for services offered by you or your company.

They can get all details on your rate sheet that they will want to know before making a final deal or transaction with you.

Blank rate card templates are obtainable here in this article that can be downloaded by hitting the download link shown below the preview of each template.

Rate Sheet Templates

You can sell more to customers if good looking and detailed rate sheets are available at company outlet or office because they create ease for customers to learn about price or rates of services you have to offer.

In fact…

Real estate agents also use rate sheet templates to edify their customers about rates for services they are offering. It is the best place to get free rate sheet templates for your business setting or company when it comes to design rate cards/sheets.

These following videos can also help you to design stunning rate cards or rate sheets using laptop or personal computer in office.It will educate regarding how to create digital rate cards in Photoshop program.

It will educate regarding how to create digital rate cards in Photoshop program.

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