16+ Free Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Below you will find our easy to use fax cover sheet templates, which will help you to make your fax messages special and considerable. Fax cover sheet templates are free for download from their respective sources. You can find free collection of fax cover sheet templates and formats here. If you are a professional, you probably be aware of the use and importance of fax cover sheet. Generally, a fax is a short name of facsimile, which is also called telefax or telecopying, is the telephonic communication of scanned printed body, including both text and images.

It is generally connected to a telephone number, printer or other output device. It is an old method of communication, yet it still has a great importance in today’s modern world of information and technology. This fax cover sheet template is useful for everyone.

Fax cover sheet Template introduction…

A fax cover sheet is a sheet which is faxed through your recipient right before your actual telefax message. It acts as an envelope for actual message and provides information regarding who has sent the message and for what purpose. It is optional document in fax marketing. Its major purpose is to recognize the sender as well as provide some contact information to state the engaged recipient and their necessary information. Most of the businesses, companies and organizations prefer to use this document and consider as an essential tool, while on the other hand, some businesses consider it as a useless document.

Various businesses consider it as the best practice to include it with all their telefax messages with reference to provide quick identification and to add their recognizable branding on the cover sheet. Some businesses also feel that by providing the recipient’s name and other relevant information forthright, it will make it less probable that the facsimile will be handled and receipt by others. If you need to create such sheet then use our free fax cover sheet templates. Go ahead, and download our free fax cover sheet templates given below.

Printable Fax Cover Sheet Templates

We have added free printable fax cover sheet templates here for you to download and print by using personal computer and printer. You can also use these samples without making any changes if not required.

MS Word Fax Cover Sheet Templates

In this part of the post, fax cover sheets are provided in Microsoft Word format that a user can download free of cost and can be customized with individual needs. MS word fax cover sheet templates can work well for both personal and business use.

Fax Cover Sheets PDF

Fax cover sheets are also available in PDF format that most of the users love to download due to some advanced editing features that Adobe offers to modify the PDF file.

Don’t look further

Because ! we have a range of fax cover sheets PDF here for you and these are free to download as well.

Online Fax Cover Sheet Maker

If you have easy access to a computer which is connected to the internet, then you can simply make and print fax cover sheet using online fax cover sheet creators.

We have added some reliable and easy to use online fax cover sheet makers that you will love to use.



Go with your favorite fax cover sheet sample or format to create professional looking cover sheets for confidential and personal fax messages.

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