12 Monthly Report Templates

Monthly report is a commercial document which provides a variety of information, grouping from the current monetary information, to the current status of a project or plan. You can download Monthly Report Templates free here.

Project managers and plan directors use monthly reports in order to inform their administrators about the current status of progress of a project or projects which are in progress. This report enables management of the business to record accountability, as well as to assure that actions and drives are productive. Monthly report, as the name suggests, is the summary of plans  and actions take place throughout a month and are turned in within a week.

Users who need to create this report for professional uses can get help from our monthly report templates available below. When composing such report for management, it is recommended to keep things to the point, at the same time, providing all of the necessary and related information that higher management and administrators are in favor to see.

Furthermore, this report is the only documentation that supervisors suppose to consider about a project. Its because of its significance of status updates to uphold communication, and sometimes, the large number of projects that numerous companies are looking after at the same time.

Therefore, they prefer to get updates using a monthly report. By using a monthly report template, one can get the basic structure of this report so that only addition of the information in relevant categories is left. Additionally, while writing this document, one should first place the recognizable information of the relevant project at the top of the page, names of the project team, brief introduction on account of scope of the project and vice versa.

Using a monthly report template, it becomes easy for a person to create such document within no minutes. In this regard, go below and take a look at our monthly report samples given below.

Download Monthly Report Templates Here

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