12+ Promissory Note Templates – Samples

Need some money to fulfill personal needs? You can get it from a family member or friend by signing the promissory note. In this page you will find various promissory note templates and samples.

It is a financial tool broadly used to document a loan or credit transaction and the borrower will be legally obligated to repay the mentioned amount of debt or loan to the lender by signing this note.

Download Free Promissory Note Templates:

One can use promissory note template word when giving away money to a family member or any other person for short period of time. In this legal document, one party promises to pay another involved party specific sum of money on mentioned time & date or on demand.

A properly written and signed promissory note is better written evidence of loan transaction than an oral agreement because any party can go to court of law with signed note if other is not fulfilling duties as stated in it.

It is generally used for short term and personal debt transactions. If prepared according to the local laws and regulations, a promissory note sample enforces a borrower’s promise to pay back the loaned amount to a lender as per mentioned payment terms.

One can use blank promissory note form word to make the note for loan or credit.

Printable Promissory Note Forms

Anyone can write this note by using printable promissory note form. Whether it is the matter to loan money for personal use or for business, it provides a user blank fields and text boxes that can be filled with loan details accordingly.

It not only saves time but also allows making valid and legal promissory notes speedily.

Promissory Note Templates Word

As a new person to write a formal acknowledgment of loan, you may face difficulties in your way while doing so but promissory note template word can make the task easier for you.

It is free to download and compatible with all latest versions of MS word. Hit the download button and open it in word program once successfully download and make changes in required elements to get a perfect note for loan written shortly.

Promissory Note PDF

Lending your money to a friend or family member is a critical decision and always remember to record the transaction in written. There are several ways to document a loan or debt deal and promissory note pdf is one of them.

Not only for personal use but!

It can be used by banks, individual lenders and companies to evidence different loan transactions and deals. Below we have sample promissory notes pdf and you can download any of them for free.

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