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Income statement is one of the vital parts of financial statement after balance sheet and cash flow statement. You might know it by other name which is profit and loss statement, but as the name suggests, it is created by a business or company in order to determine if business has created profit or loss throughout a fiscal year. It shows revenue and expenditures a business has incurred over a period of one year. It can provide you the amount of net profit or net loss just in a glimpse. Business personnel are recommended to make use of an income statement templates to create such statement in more organized way.

These income statement templates will let you run your business accounting smoothly and effectively as well. Select any of these files and add in the required information. Simply save the file in your drive or print it out. We have added this video tutorial here to help you in process of making an income statement for personal use or for business setting.

Income Statement Samples

The income statement calculates the net income of an individual person or company by subtracting total expenses from total income, an income statement sample can help you to get an idea about what contents an income statement may have. Below you can see some examples of income statement that are printable as well.

An income statement is a financial report showing an individual’s or company’s income for a stated period of time. It must contain accurate figures and other details in order to calculate exact income earned by a business setting or company. If you are new to generate one for personal use or for business, then you must use an editable income statement template excel (as given below) in order to prevent mistakes while doing so.

An income statement is a report form created by the accountant of a firm or company. Main heading of the document identifies the company name, the statement and the period for which the statement or report is made. Some income report formats are added here for your knowledge. Whether you are running a small business or a big company, you can make spotless income statements with help of these income statement formats and templates.

The profit and loss statement does not only help you to determine the net profit or loss, but also enables you to calculate the net sales, net purchases, expenditures, revenues as well as gross profit a business or company earned over a specific time period.It is not only created at the end of each fiscal year, but also on a quarterly, semi-annually or monthly basis.

It’s because several companies prefer to determine their business flow after every short passage of time so that the necessary steps can be taken immediately in case the company is suffering from continuous and unending loss. Regardless of whether you are working to inspect operating income or non-operating income, the income statement sort outs yearly figures for the corresponding items and headings. Do you require to make income statement for your company or business! Use our wide range of income statement templates which are available below in a great variety.

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