13+ Free Badge Templates (ID Card Templates)

If you need to make a badge online then you will find these badge templates perfect tool in order to design one of your choice and need. A badge can be defined as a device or small piece of plastic, metal or cloth containing design or words. The words usually depend upon the purpose. It is often worn to recognize a person as well as to express membership of any organization or to support a specific cause or event. It can be made in different styles and are worn for various reasons. Whatever the purpose is, using badge templates allows you to make one of your choice within no time. These can also be good choice for ID card templates.

Usually, this tool has different types i.e., name badges, which are rectangular ID cards showing a person’s picture and basic information. ID badges acts as an indication of owner’s personality. They generally work as passes to events, conferences or bound access areas, whereas, employee badges are the most basic type of name badges. They perform the role of ID for employees. Whether the employee works in company or large organization he needs a device to access his workplace. They also made for attending an event or conference. We do hope that you will like these free badge templates for you.

Similarly, visitor badges are used by business visitors, school visitors or sometimes your event visitors. They indicate that the visitor doesn’t have complete rights like the internal crew. Press badges are used by media reps. whatever your need from the above mentioned types or any other type, we have added here a wide range of badge templates assuming that they would definitely do for you. Whether you need to make one for yourself or someone else, Download these templates or even customize them according to your choice and need. Customize them and print respectively. Go ahead and download the templates.

There Are Free Badge Templates

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