17+ Clothing Size Chart Templates

Before the clothing size charts invented, clothes were used to make for every individual by either tailors or person hired for stitching clothes in home. But when garment makers and clothing factories observed that the scope of human body dimensions was comparatively not much, sizes were invented in order to get major productivity of garments.  Clothing size chart is a chart or tool which is generally used by garment factories and dress designers, containing the label sizes of dresses for men, women and children, which are used for garments sold in garden-variety.

If you are a dress designer or running a garments factory, you are visiting a right page because we have made your garments sizing process very easy yet effective. For this purpose, we have added some printable and friendly-budget clothing size chart templates in the bottom of this page so that one can use and customize them and print them easily within no time. Since there are a large number of standard sizing systems prevailing around the world for different type of garments such as dresses, skirts, trousers, tops and many others, but custom-made garments necessarily requires measurements to be taken, but these don’t require to be altered into national standard style.

Indeed, sizing process could be difficult without necessary measurements, but what if you have the standard sizes taken into account the combinations of body measurements of the general population or your target market! That’s what the clothing size chart template suggested for. We have a wide range of clothing size chart templates generated for men, women, children, for different age groups. Further if you are going to open a garments factory, there’s a chance for you to get these templates for your consideration, and to make a remarkable impression on your clients.

Clothing Size Chart Templates:

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