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This is the place for free interoffice memo templates. Download these templates free of cost here. A well written interoffice memo will be useful for you if you are going to send business project updates to higher authorities. Download pack of 17 Interoffice memo templates in one click free.

What the interoffice memo actually is?Interoffice memo basically is a business document that employees, business management other concerns use for internal communication. Professionals use it to send or receive confidential business details, reports or updates etc.

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When a particular department of the company wants collect business related information from another one, interoffice memo is written to provide required details or information in professional way.

Almost all business organizations use this communication tool because it keeps proper record of internal business communication in written.


Memorandums are widely used to make interoffice conversations professional and according to the policies of company.

For example, as an accountant of the company if you want some information from production department to keep business accounts updated, you must write a proper interoffice memo to ask for required information professionally.

Companies also ask their employees to share or receive business details via memos within the workplace because it preserves written conversation record that can be used in future. Most of companies use their own interoffice memo formats to make the process of memo writing resourceful.

Use our free interoffice memo templates in order to get perfectly designed memos for several official purposes, customize them with accurate and proper content and take print out to make them look completely professional.

You can send out a memo all-around your business with our professional interoffice memo template.

If you are often a part of consistent interoffice conversations or numerous other formal procedures which are crucial from the point of view of the whole organization or company, you can consult our templates which will surely help you to format and design your own personalized and formal memorandums.

An interoffice memo or memorandum, which is also known as internal letter is a part of intra-communication system, used for written conversation among employees, or between an employee and employer within an organization.

It necessarily consists of the title of topic of conversation, summary or nature of discussion, description of the information that is required by the writer of the document request or query for accomplishment of a task, attachments or references if any etc.

It also requires the names of approving and disclosing authorities, date and fax number (in some cases), name and address of the company or organization and so on.

When it is about communication between different employees and employers working within a same organization, they always prefer to do so in a formal way using an internal letter.

Besides, once you utilize an interoffice memo template, creation of this document will no more be a difficult task for you as you will already have a clear idea regarding what to include in the document and how to format properly.

So, go ahead and feel free to download our free and editable interoffice memo templates which are listed below in a great variety. Select any of these which you find suitable for your needs and click a download button to make it yours.


Microsoft word is highly recommended computer program for interoffice memo writing and word interoffice memo templates are used to compose official memos within moments.Use of a sample interoffice memo tells you rightly that what must be included in this type of business writing to make sense for reader or receiver. Video tutorials are also useful to learn instructions and basics of memorandum writing.

Use of a sample interoffice memo tells you rightly that what must be included in this type of business writing to make sense for reader or receiver.

Interoffice Memo Examples

According to professionals, an interoffice memo should be concise, easy to read and limited to one page. Core purpose of this business document is to summarize lengthy but important business details or information in concise and professional manner so reader can easily get what you want to communicate.

Example of interoffice memo will give you better ideas to compose perfect memos for internal business communication purpose.

Microsoft Word Interoffice Memo Templates

Interoffice memos play a vital role in effective business communication because these are used to share confidential business details between different departments of business.

Why interoffice memo templates? Because…

MS word interoffice memo template is the best solution for all problems and issues that make you sluggish in memo writing. Choose between following interoffice memo templates word and compose professional looking interoffice memorandums for your own business or company.

Interoffice Memo Samples PDF

Memo writing for internal business communication is not a difficult task but one must include all essential elements to make it professional in appearance and easily understandable as well.

The current date, subject topic, message body and closing paragraph are basic elements of a well-written memo. Single page memo is considered as best to read but it could be more than one page if there is need to add up more details to clearly communicate your message.

Here are some best interoffice memo samples in pdf format that a beginner can use for a good start. You can download pdf interoffice memo sample by clicking the download link shown below.

Interoffice memo is one of the best tools for impersonal communication when working in a large business setting or company.

These are also used to spread important business related news, notifications and updates among different departments of the company or business. There are videos that can help you to write spotless interoffice memorandums professionally.

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