Silent Auction Form Templates

Download our free and ready to use silent auction form templates which are available at the end of  this page. Nowadays, silent auction is the most preferable and widely adopted method of bidding among all the methods. You can download Silent Auction Form Templates here.

As the name suggests, it is a silent bidding auction in which no auctioneer is require to conduct the bidding process and to sale items.

The bidders are required to place their bids on a paper sheet placed at left side on a table near the item.

Such type of method of auction is often used for charity events, along with a number of items auctioned together at the same time and it is closed at  a particular time.

At charity auctions, bid forms or sheets commonly have a constant starting point, agreed bid accessions, as well as a guaranteed bid amount paying which the payee can immediately buy the item.

Moreover, a silent auction is quite different from other methods of sell-off, as attendees are often unaware of the prevailing high bid, and auctioneer is not calling out the highest bid amount on a specific item or closing bids once people stop bidding.

At the end of process, the written bids are inspected and the person who bid the highest amount for an item calls and pays for that thing.

Moreover, a silent auction form typically consists of names and descriptions of the items, offerors of the items, fair market value for each, starting bid and increment, names of the bidders along with their contact information and bid amounts, highest amount offered, date and time of event etc.

Use our free silent auction forms which will help you to organize such type of auctions effectively. Clicking the download button you can make any of these templates yours.

Below Are Silent Auction Form Templates

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