Party Invitation Templates

An oral or written formal request for presence of an individual person or group of persons at a particular event, occasion or party is named as invitation.

Party invitation templates are used by party organizers to invite guests on special event or celebration in best formal manner. Party invitation can be sent as an oral request, a beautifully designed invitation card or as an invitation letter etc.


If you are also about to plan a graduation party or birthday party and need unique designing ideas to create stunning and attention grabbing party invitations yourself, just download a suitable word party invitation template to get started with best.

Well designed party invitation set the tone of party for guests and overall design of invitations must be matched with party theme.

It is sent to let expected guests know basic details about the party just like title of the party, name of host, date, time, venue, dress code if any and many more that guests will like to know about the event you are going to plan.

Birthday party invitation templates can work well for you to design and print invitations for the birthday party with personal touch. Apart from the type of party, you can get wide range of blank party invitation templates here free of cost.

Party invitation cards can be purchased from market but if you want them design yourself with your own words and designing ideas, you must have a party invitation format at place for good start. We have a worth watching video here that will give you latest party invitation designing ideas and instructions.

Printable Party Invitation Templates

Invitation is the very first impression that expected attendees and guests will have about the party or event you are planning so choose a most beautiful and attractive format for your party invitations.

If your party invitation cards will be designed according to the theme of party, they will create sense of anticipation and guests will love to join you on the party. Here we have some examples of printable party invitations that can be downloaded and printed simply.

Word Party Invitation Templates

Planning a party with short budget and looking for a way to cut the cost of party planning down? We will suggest you to design party invitations at home in MS word program.

By doing so, you will be able to design and print outstanding party invitations personally without spending big part of your budget. Choose and download an appropriate word party invitation format from shown below collection of invitation templates and start editing with your own party details.

Party Invitation Templates Free

Designing and printing of invitation cards is one of the most important party planning aspects. Whether it is the wedding reception party or pool party to celebrate summer season, invitations must be creative and attractive enough to grab attention of guests towards your party.

You can do it yourself, really!

If you have some excellent designing skills and wish to design party invitations personally, you are advised to make use of party invitation templates free to get unique invitation designing ideas and guidance.

Party Invitation Card Designs

You might be interested in designing party invitation cards personally if you have some time and creative designing skills to do so. Designing party invitations at home is not a hard job in these days because variety of different designing software and programs is available in market as well as over the web.

You can view some excellent party invitation card designs below to get inspirations when designing your own party invitations on personal computer. Following party invitation examples can be edited using Microsoft word or adobe Photoshop etc.

Video tutorials are also best to get basic party invitations designing guide and ideas online. You can search on YouTube to find such useful videos.

There are some collective video clips related to party invitation templates and ideas that you will find helpful.

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