Certificate Templates

The certificate is a document acts as evidence or a written declaration having a particular status, allowance, qualifications or the accuracy of something. This is best place for free certificate templates.

Why you need one…?

It is attesting to the fact that an individual or candidate has completed an educational course, often issued by an institution that is not certified to grant diplomas to students and employees, or in some circumstances, it is granted to students who are not qualifying for a diploma or training course.

From the point of your law, it is a statement which is written and signed which is made by law as an evidence of the truth of the facts and figures stated for particular purpose. You can see certificate templates here.

Certificates can be easily created using certificates templates either by creating one’s self or searching on web.

It is a multi-purpose document that consists of various types, and can be used in a number of situations. For instance, award certificates are issued to students and employees by institutions for their outstanding performances throughout their semester or career.

Certificate Examples

Gift certificates are prepaid stored value cards issued by a retailer or bank to be used as a substitute to cash for purchases within a specific store or shop.

Other types of certificates include certificate of conformance, analysis, incorporation, deposit, sponsorship, warranty, training, performance and so on.

We have put together an ultimate variety of certificates examples which will help users to cover up their numerous needs.

Our range consists of certificates of scholarship, prize award achievement, appreciation award, prize excellence, premium award, diploma achievement, science achievement, client service award, high school or college achiever, leadership award, gift certificates and others.

In this video, you will see an easy to follow method of making a required certificate effortlessly!

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Scrolling down the page you will get to see our collection of certificates templates, which will help you to fulfill your professional needs. After necessary customization, you can print as many copies of the file as per needs.

Printable Certificate Examples

MS Word Certificate Templates

When it comes to create or print a certificate, Microsoft word is the most favorite and featured word processing software that designers and writers love to use.

Do you know …?

Microsoft word has its own free templates that users can download and edit free of cost. We have added plenty of MS word certificate templates and these are free, editable and ready for you to download and customize for variety of situations.


Online Certificate Maker

Plenty of ways is available in these days to make and print certificates free of cost and online certificate maker website is one of them.

With help of an online certificate maker you can quickly design professional looking certificates and award certificates within seconds.


Browse following links to reach your favorite online certificate template to design professional certificates efficiently.

Certificates Examples PDF

Design, wording and overall layout of a certificate must be professional in appearance to make sense for the recipient.

Where to get certificates PDF?

Below we have professionally made certificate designs PDF that can be used by all companies and institutions to create good looking certificates without paying a single penny.

After providing you a huge variety of certificate examples and templates, we are sure that you won’t have to undergo looking for someone else to design such certificates for you.

Recently provided certificate templates are totally free to download and easy to modify as well. Just pick up a best one as per your individual needs and go ahead for its editing with your own elements.