6+ Silent Auction Bid Sheet Templates

If you have been a part of a silent auction, you might know about how the process takes place.

Yet there are the people who are not much aware about it and might going to participate in for the first time.

Getting necessary information regarding such type of auction event is quite necessary before participating.

On the other hand, if you are an event organizer or simply willing to organize a silent auction you will surely require to prepare a silent auction bid sheet or silent auction sheet, which you can easily create by using a silent auction bid sheet template free.

Introduction to silent auction

Silent auction is generally an alternative of English auction in which bids are written by bidders on a sheet of paper.

At the prearranged end of the auction, the highest listed bid wins the item. It is often used in charity programs with numerous items auctioned together and closed at a fixed ending time.

It is called silent auction because it lacks auctioneer who announces bids just in any other auction event.

Meanwhile, at charity auctions, bid sheets often have a fixed beginning point, preplanned bid increments, and a guaranteed amount which acts as a “buy now” amount.


Bidding sheets play a crucial role for any auction event to gather and organize the information about bidders like name, contact information and bid amount made by each person, name of the organization and event, items to sale, date and time, the starting as well as highest bid, total number of bidders and so on.

Use our free and editable silent auction templates available below in a great variety.

Just click the download button to use any of them that suits your need, and take a print to use it at the time of auction.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Samples

As you know that, in silent auction process, people simply put their bids on silent auction bid sheets and you must have such blank sheet on hand to carry out the auction process effectively.

If you don’t have an idea about silent auction bid sheet form, then have a look at following silent auction bid sheet samples.

You can use a suitable one for your own use after downloading in your personal computer.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Docs

About to organize a silent auction for fundraising purpose or to sell your products on good rates? You will definitely need a sheet to get bids written.

But, is your sheet easy to use and editable as well?

No? Then you should try to make use of free silent auction bid sheet docs, added here on this page.

These are ready to use and made in MS word program. Which means, you can simply modify details without facing troubles.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Forms

Some companies and non profit organizations use blank forms for silent auctions.

These forms provide a simple way to make print friendly silent auction bid sheets on personal computer.

Such forms are available in different file formats like MS word, excel, PDF and PNG. Check out the following collection of silent auction bid sheet forms added on this web page.

Online Auction Bid Sheet Makers

A big number of websites offering their users to organize silent auctions online.

They also offer their services to make and print silent auction bid sheets online either for business or personal purpose. We have gathered some useful links here for you.

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